Our floorplans are designed to be both aesthetically appealing, steeped in quality while working harmoniously with green technologies. To view our floorplans, simply scroll down.



Together with Corner Rock Building Company and Osada Construction, we have collectively assembled various floorplans that are both aesthetically appealing and infused with the highest quality, while keeping the client in mind.

The housing styles offered are acceptable exteriors based on the Architectural Guidelines of The Villages at Crest Mountain. By offering these designs, it allows us to price them sensibly when compared to a complete custom home design. These available floorplans can also be customized to your chosen homesite and desired interior adjustments, with slight price differences.


The quality of work is outstanding. The home is so well-insulated and so ‘tight’ that it has a very favorable energy rating. Our total expenses for cooking, water heating, climate control are barely half what we spent at a former residence.

Red Oak Homeowner

The Villages at Crest Mountain is a great place to live. I am very pleased with the quality of work. Corner Rock Building Company takes their time and they have wonderful craftsmanship.

Aspen Homeowner