Our Community

Who We Are

The Villages at Crest Mountain believes in the fundamental community ideals of balance and responsibility. We believe in social and ecological diversity and that built environments can be healthy, productive and stylish. We choose smart over big, health over indulgence, community over expediency, and inclusion over division. Our primary objective is to maximize the sustainability of the land, and to build environments that are green and energy efficient.

Think It

The vision of a residential neighborhood that embraces the growing philosophies of sustainability, fellowship, and shared resources with stylish affordable homes just minutes from downtown Asheville.

Build It

We carefully selected home models and builders that represent the utmost in quality, efficiency and style. Our builders have been pioneers in the widely regarded WNC green building movement. We offer a range of styles and prices – all NC Green Built Certified.

Grow It

Residents will enjoy a comprehensive edible landscape, including: common gardens, orchards, vineyards and berry patches, along with ornamental plantings.

Live It

A community focus on nurturing inclusion, community and harmony within the Villages at Crest Mountain. Several different programs are in place to encourage a diverse community lifestyle: a community social network and an extensive community green space.

How We Do It

Rainwater Harvesting — Together with Brown Consultant engineers, we have designed a localized rain water retention strategy. We have done this by using the installed storm water system as the storage vessel for use in the community gardens. Using weirs and pumps, we will store rain water in key locations and pump it to the surface for irrigation. This rain water retention strategy will reuse the water resource that would typically flow off-site.

Permaculture  — Every resident receives a matching landscape allowance to custom design their homesites landscape. A $500 landscaping budget is standard with every home in the Meadow. Orchard lots have a matching landscape allowance up to $1,000.

Green Building Techniques  — All structures in our community are built with environmentally sensitive, eco-friendly materials and most have the minimum standard of Silver Level Healthy Built Homes certification. An energy expert will conduct home energy rating scores and blower door tests for all homes.

Community Gardens — The Villages at Crest Mountain feature organic garden beds, fruit trees, edible landscaping, blueberry bushes and grapevines. Residents continue to add and harvest more and more food every year! Currently, every resident will have at least one personal garden row and the excess garden space is used for the greater community.

Renewable Energy — All homes are net metered with Duke Progress energy to maximize solar energy opportunities. Tax credits and new technology makes solar and PV panels an attractive option for all residents.

Re-purposing Community Materials — The Villages at Crest Mountain use on-site natural materials in the construction and design of the community. The recycling and re-purposing of materials gives our community that true “green” feel. Trees removed from homesites become decorative landscaping, garden lattice and fencing. Rocks and boulders become community landscaping, firepits, artwork and even our featured waterfall!

Our History

The Villages at Crest Mountain sits on the former campus of Ben Lippen School. The school opened in 1940 under the name Ben Lippen, a Scottish phrase meaning “mountain of trust.”  In the late 1980s, the school moved back to Columbia, SC. In 2004, Reese Lasher, an Asheville C.P.A., purchased the property under a new vision: a place for mountain homes, special events, vacation opportunities, and small businesses offices. (Click here for special events with M7 Event Solutions or click here for events with the Crest Mountain Dinner Show. Click here for vacation rentals and accommodations at Crest Mountain. Click here for available office spaces at the Crest Mountain Office Studios.)

The first phase of the Villages is located on the site of the former baseball and soccer fields. The fields are 12 completely flat acres that have been preserved for the last 60 years. Homes in this phase are positioned around the perimeter of the fields with over two acres conserved in the center for use by the residents. This center space includes gardens, walking trails, open park areas, edible landscaping and more. The homesites in this phase emphasize efficient floor plans and neighborhood interaction, while preventing the need for individual yard maintenance. Homes built in this phase start at 1,000 square feet.

The second phase, The Orchards, is an additional 22 acres of ridgeline property located above the first phase. This area is elevated with views into the city of Asheville and contains mature natural hardwoods. In this phase, homesites are bigger, averaging around 1/4 acre. This phase allows for larger homes, expansive mountain views, increased privacy, a larger yard, and personal garden opportunities. Homesites near the new cascading waterfall are available. All roads are paved and great views of the mountains and the city of Asheville are prominent. Homes in this section must be 1,700 square feet or more.