Pets are permitted at Villages at Crest Mountain. Their care and maintenance is the responsibility of their owners. Up to three total ordinary domestic household pets such as cats, dogs, etc., may reside in the community without prior approval of the Board or the governing body of a Neighborhood Association. Livestock, poultry (limit 5 per lot) or non-domestic animals, if permitted and approved by the Board or governing body of a Neighborhood Association, must comply with all state and local ordinances. No dog shall constitute a nuisance. Any animal permitted shall be constrained to a leash or within the secure boundaries of a back-yard fence while outside of the home but on the homesite at-all-times. All dogs being walked shall be kept on leashes and excrement must be removed and disposed of in a sanitary manner by the person walking the dog. No commercial breeding, storage or treatment of animals shall take place within Crest Mountain. The Rules and Regulations shall govern all matters relating to