What is your policy about pets?

Pets are permitted at Villages at Crest Mountain. Their care and maintenance is the responsibility of their owners. Up to three total ordinary domestic household pets such as cats, dogs, etc., may reside in the community without prior approval of the Board or the governing body of a Neighborhood Association. Livestock, poultry (limit 5 per [...]

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What is included in the $1,250 Initiation Fee?

This is a one-time fee that is administered by the Villages HOA and provides funding to the chartered teams in the neighborhood that oversee the physical, social and financial growth of the community. This fee also funds the HOA community reserves in which residents vote on how funds should be allocated.

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How does the landscape allowance work?

Effective July 5, 2013, Brookgreen LLC. provides a landscape allowance that matches money spent by owners for the consultation, design, and installation of a sustainable landscape around their home. Brookgreen matches up to $500 for Meadow homesites and $1,000 for Orchard homesites, to help assist with the cost of landscaping. Allowance is for original homesite purchases only.

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