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Amy Musser, Co-founder

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We are proud to have Amy Musser, Ph.D, P.E., of VandeMusser Design, PLLC as our HERS rater and energy advisor at the Villages atCrest Mountain. Amy is widely recognized as the expert on energy use and modeling as it pertains to building in the region. She is working with our builders to help plan the homes for maximum efficiency and affordability, and will be working with our builders and residents on these homes from inception to completion.

Amy is an incredible resource. Read what she has to say about the Villages at Crest Mountain:

“I’m proud to be a part of the planning team for the Villages at Crest Mountain. In planning the green aspects of the homes, the best description is ‘homes that are ready for the future and within today’s budget.’ That means different things to different people, but here are some of the things that it can mean here:

  • Energy bill and comfort guarantees: Buyers can select a low-cost option that guarantees their energy bills and certain aspects of thermal comfort in the home. For the energy and budget conscious – that means no negative surprises!
  • Net-zero ready: The designers and builders of the homes have provided energy-efficient structures. Coupled with available options for highly energy efficient systems and a conservation-minded homeowner many of these homes have enough roof area for photovoltaics to allow the home to be net-zero: either today, or in the future when budget allows. All homes in the village will be pre-wired for PV for ease of future expansion.
  • Passive solar: Most of the designs have passive solar options available – allowing you to take advantage of free heating with no systems to maintain.
  • Indoor air quality: All of the homes come standard with certain measures that increase the likelihood of good indoor air quality and decrease a building’s susceptibility to common indoor air quality problems. Upgrade options are available to further enhance a home’s air quality.
  • Style and design: the homes are specifically designed to make the most of their square footage: less wasted space means lower up-front cost, lower energy bills, fewer raw materials used, less maintenance, and better quality of life.”