We have some answers! Please take a look below for frequently asked questions about The Villages at Crest Mountain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the property tax rate for the Villages?2022-01-06T10:10:19-05:00

The Villages is located in the town of Woodfin and our current tax rate is $.953 cents per $100.00 valuation (a rate of approximately 1%) of the home. We have the lowest combined municipal tax rate in Buncombe County. Services include police protection, trash pickup and recycling, street repairs, snow removal, maintenance, etc. Fire protection is provided by the West Buncombe Fire Department and the cost of protection is included in the above tax rate.  Tax rates are reset annually by the applicable governing boards.

Am I required to use the preferred builders or the home designs pre-approved by you?2018-12-02T22:27:06-05:00

We have two preferred builders that have developed plans to help simplify the building process, but you are welcome to use your own builder. If you do choose your own builder, the developer requires a $5,000 lot premium. You can submit plans for your custom home for approval to our Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Custom plans require a $600 fee, which is paid to the Crest Mountain Homeowner’s Association.  Our preferred builders are here for your use if needed and they can provide you with key local knowledge of the building codes, slope development issues and municipal fee requirements. If you elect to use your own builder, we require a meeting with them to review our protective covenants and to obtain licensing, insurance and other standard building contractor requirements. All homes are required to be a minimum Silver level for Green Built NC homes. Details about our preferred builders and the pre-approved home plans are available online. In addition to the preferred builders, we do have on site engineers, architects and other construction related professionals here to assist you.

What kind of fees are involved?2019-02-26T11:01:38-05:00

There are a total of 3 fees associated with the Villages At Crest Mountain:

  • Currently, $525 per year master association dues for all residents of Crest Mountain providing amenities such as streetlights, landscaping, gates, security cameras, etc.

  • $1,250 one-time initiation fee. This money is allocated to the Villages At Crest Mountain home owners association for the village teams of hospitality, permaculture, building community and more.

  • $600 Architectural Review Board fee for all custom homes built in the community.

Is there a construction start and completion time limit?2018-12-02T22:28:15-05:00

Yes, the Architectural Review Committee requires homes to begin construction 12 months after the closing date of each homesite and 18 months from the construction start date to complete the home. Variances can be granted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Are there square footage requirements?2018-12-02T22:28:46-05:00

Yes, the Meadow section has a minimum square footage requirement of 1,000 sf and a maximum of 2,250 sf. The Orchard section has a minimum square footage requirement of 1,700 sf and a maximum of 5,000 sf.

When do you expect the Villages to be completed?2018-12-02T22:29:14-05:00

We have a projected sales completion for 3 years for the first phase and 2 additional years for the second phase, for a total of 5 years.

Am I able to rent my home if I choose to do so?2018-12-02T22:29:41-05:00

Yes, leases of 30 days or longer are allowed. Owners are responsible for ensuring all renters are informed and in compliance with the resident responsibilities.​

Are home businesses allowed in the Villages?2018-12-02T22:30:06-05:00

Yes, with restrictions based on parking, office hours and the definition of the business, which are covered in the protective covenants.

How does the landscape allowance work?2018-12-02T22:30:34-05:00

Effective July 5, 2013, Brookgreen LLC. provides a landscape allowance that matches money spent by owners for the consultation, design, and installation of a sustainable landscape around their home. Brookgreen matches up to $500 for Meadow homesites and $1,000 for Orchard homesites, to help assist with the cost of landscaping. Allowance is for original homesite purchases only.