Asheville, by so many accounts, is one of the best places to move to! But if you’re not a local or recent transplant, you’re still asking why you should move to this glorious mountainous region (and super cool city). These are a few of the popular reasons to consider making the Asheville area—and the Villages at Crest Mountain—your home.

The Arts

Artists naturally want to live in inspiring places, but it’s even better if you don’t have to indulge in your art all alone without support. No worries in Asheville: it’s a city filled with art and creative culture. Looking to find your tribe? It could very well be in Asheville.

The Scenery

Is it even possible to put into words—without being too flowery—the beauty of the Appalachian scenery awaiting Asheville-area transplants? The storied Blue Ridge Parkway is among the most scenic American drives you can experience, and the fall foliage draws visitors from far and wide to take in the color explosion. And that’s just a warm-up to living in the Villages at Crest Mountain.

A Safe Haven

Asheville itself is in elite company! The city has been honored to be among just a handful of cities with the highest world happiness score. As enjoyable as awards can be, the Villages at Crest Mountain is most interested in giving you the mountain life you crave. How great is it that such idyllic mountain life can exist just minutes from this fun and enjoyable city?

The Melody (and Harmony)

The music scene in Asheville includes outstanding venues that attract big-name talent, but there’s also no lack of local musicians collaborating and entertaining Asheville residents and visitors. Asheville is a delightful city for music makers and connoisseurs alike.

The Eats (and Drinks)

Just about any cuisine you can imagine has a home in Asheville, and the selections rival “big city” dining. But there’s something even more special about the food scene in Asheville: the shared values of fresh and sustainable have worked their way onto the plates so you know you’ll be getting food crafted with love, care, and responsibility.

The Villages!

We might be a little biased, but we’re also pretty sure that anyone who sees the landscape around the Villages at Crest Mountain will be at least a tad awestruck. And this pocket neighborhood living produces such a genuine spirit of community that it’s a joy to be here. Home sites are moving fast, and new home construction is well underway on many properties. Will you be our next new neighbor?